A Unique Experience of Portugal by Bicycle – By Phill

Cycling In Paradise: a tour with Portugal Best Cycling   Portugal is seldom seen in peoples top five list of places to visit – which is a shame.  Portugal is a beautiful county filled with restaurants that all feel like they are serving their best version of local dishes and national wines, some of the

Bike tour in Portugal? Go local and have the real thing.

Many times I am asked the question “is Maria from your family?” or “all the staff we met really felt like they were part of the family. Are they?”.

E-bike tours in Portugal

Better to rent an e-bike and spare your guide!

Mediterranean Portuguese Cuisine – Take 2

Today, and because Christmas was just here a couple of weeks ago, I would like to share with you my grandma’s Rabanadas recipe.

Why most people don’t know how to buy olive oil

On our guided cycling tours in Portugal, learn all there is to know about the olive oil production.

Mediterranean Portuguese Cuisine – Take 1

Whenever you agree to meet someone in Portugal, whether for socializing, work or a serious conversation, food is involved. We always meet “for coffee”, or “for a snack”, or “for dinner”. We cannot simply meet.

Gourmet Picnic with local delicacies on every Guided Cycling Tour

Guided cycling tours in Portugal with a special local touch: gourmet picnics where you will try Alentejo delicacies!