E-Bike Tour Portugal

Along the Coast Premium

Coastal bike tour Portugal passing by 4 natural reserves and varied beach settings. Beautiful secondary roads. Amazing cliffs.
8 days
231 km

Wild Algarve Premium

Stunning Portugal cycling tour with very charming hotels and some dirt tracks. The hidden Algarve that is not in the catalogues!
8 days
250 km

NO RUSH bike tour

Castles, wineries, pottery, heritage, architecture. Palaces, convents, castles to sleep in and enjoy with time! So much to see in this cycling tour! 2 nights in each gorgeous hotel!
8 days
258 km
Convento do Espinheiro

Taste of Heritage

Have the time of your life! Luxury nights followed by fantactic bike trips during the day. 1 to 7 nights. Your choice! Flexible service.
1-7 days