8 days
231 km

E-Bike Cycling Tour – Along the Coast


  • E-Bike cycling tour along the protected Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina NP, Portugal.
  • Cycling and Beaches as many as you want, high cliffs and hidden coves to explore.
  • gastronomical paradise for the palate. The wine, food, pastry and the unforgettable picnics at the beach.
  • Fun and relaxing days at your own pace.


This 7 days E-Bike cycling tour in Portugal will take you through some of the wildest and beautiful Portuguese landscapes, taking some easy dirt roads occasionally.

Cycling tour in Portugal on the SW Atlantic coast through pristine natural parks and reserves like the Estuário do Sado, Lagoas de Santo André and Sudoeste Alentejano, finishing in Costa Vicentina, swimming in the cool blue waters of the Atlantic every day.

Taste the fresh fish with awarded Alentejo wines and enjoy our famous picnics, the true definition of a gourmet luxury light meal in the white sands of secluded beaches… there is nothing quite like it!

Learn about olive oil, cork extraction and its many uses, rice fields, pine forests, the dictatorship, and many other intriguing facts.

Easy level safe routes with a challenge here and there will make for a relaxing and fun ride while you live the present, learn about the past and discover the future of the oldest and sunniest country in Europe.

You can make any of our Portugal Cycling Tours:

  1. with us on a guided tour getting all the interpretation and companionship,
  2. having the support car guiding you,
  3. or friends on a self guided tour.

Additional information

Tour typeCity, Heritage, Inland, Landscape, Local handscraft, Ocean views, Wine

Day 1

Transfer from Lisbon airport (45m) to Sesimbra – Included in van guided and guided tours only. Sesimbra is a picturesque fisherman´s village in the heart of Arrábida Natural Park.
 6 p.m. – Welcome drink and first briefing about your self guided or guided cycling tour in Portugal, followed by a superb freshly caught fish dinner at local restaurant (welcome drink and dinner included in van guided and guided tours only).
Accommodation at Hotel do Mar OR Sana Park Hotel, 4*, with swimming pool.

If your flight arrives late, think about staying an extra night here, enjoying the beach, the pool, the local market and fortress or even cycling to Cape Espichel, a gorgeous lookout that you will not visit otherwise. 


Day 2

The Arrábida Natural Park

Cycling from Sesimbra to Setúbal.

Today’s bike tour ride will start with the visit to Sesimbra picturesque fisherman’s market followed by a climb to the castle built in the 12th century to watch over the port.

Then the green lust of Arrábida Natural Park will keep you company until the picnic by the sea. You will be impressed… After an unforgettable lunch and swim having the ocean on one side and the mountain on the other, you will cycle to Setúbal, the day’s destination, a vibrant and prosperous city.

 Accommodation: Hotel do Sado, 4*.
Location: Setúbal.
 Distance: 40 kms.
 Total ascent: 780 mts (see optional levels below – easier and challenging).
Difficulty: Medium.
 Terrain: Hilly but a gorgeous route, well worth the effort! Four longer climbs, which will be three if you start up the castle.
Picnic Lunch: Included in van guided and guided tours only.
 Dinner: Included in van guided and guided tours only.

Optional easier level: you can cut the first 4 kms and 250 mt of climbing taking the car transfer up to the castle. This will make your day much easier! You will then cycle 36 kms and 530 mt of climbing.

Optional challenging level: if you feel super fit you can cycle more on mountain route: 19 kms with an extra ascent of 250 mts.

You may upgrade your accommodation to the hotel Casa de Palmela. Situated 4 kms from Setubal, this is a 17th century family palace which was transformed in a very charming hotel with a wonderful view to the heart of the Natural Park. Upgrade cost under request.


Day 3

The Wine and Rice Fields Tour

Cycling from Setúbal to Carvalhal.

The day’s bike tour ride will start with a visit to the surprising Setubal downtown followed by the ferry crossing of the Sado river, home to a healthy resident dolphin population.

Riding in the peninsula of Troia, surrounded by sand dunes of this once island, you will get to our wine tasting. After we ride to the beach for a swim and another wonderful picnic. This 50 km long white sandy beach is the biggest in Portugal.

After lunch, the wild egrets and storks will keep you company through the rice fields, a prosperous Moorish heritage, until the transfer stop. Or, if you are feeling strong, you can continue on and reach Santo André cycling. Enjoy the Sado Estuary natural park.

Accommodation:Hotel Vila Park, 3*, with swimming pool.
 Location: Vila Nova de Santo André.
Distance: 35 kms.
 Total ascent: 440 mts.
 Difficulty: Easy.
 Terrain: Flat, 6 kms of dirt roads.
 Wine Tasting: Included in van guided and guided tours only.
 Picnic Lunch: Included in van guided and guided tours only.
 Dinner: Included in van guided and guided tours only.
 Transfer included: At the end of the day, to Santo André.

Optional extra kms: 36 

Optional Extra ascent: 100 mts – in this case you cycle to the hotel


See next day


Day 4

The Lagoons Tour

Cycling from Santo André to Santiago do Cacém.

After the initial warm up, explore a couple of ecosystems of freshwater lagoons, wildlife heaven on the natural reserve of Santo André and Sancha lagoons. After a drink by the sea ride to a unique outdoors library made of marble, followed by a picnic under a cork oak forest.

Then we pay a visit to a very nice family who owns a small olive mill, several generations old. The ride ends in Santiago, a very interesting and old small town with great aristocratic architecture and a castle with unforgettable views.

 Accommodation: Hotel Dom Nuno, 3* with swimming pool.
Feel tired? Book a recovery massage at the hotel.
 Location: Santiago do Cacém.
 Distance: 36 kms.
 Total ascent: 450 mts.
 Difficulty: Medium.
  Terrain:  Gentle rolling roads with final climb, 3 kms of dirt roads.
 Picnic Lunch: Included in van guided and guided tours only.
 Dinner: Not included.

You may upgrade your accommodation to the Santiago Hotel Cooking and Nature. Here you may indulge on a wonderful dinner served in a restaurant with show cooking, or book a cooking class. If you value a good hotel, you can stay here the night before as well. In this case, on day 3 your transfer will be to this place instead of Santo André and then on the day after you add 10 kms to your route to cycle the Lagoons day. In some months this is the only way to stay at this hotel because they have a minimum of 2 nights.


Day 5

From the Castle to the Beach

Cycling from Santiago do Cacém to Porto Covo.

Off course this bike tour would not leave Santiago without exploring its rich history filled with knights and damsels in distress. The view from the top of the castle is well worth the small climb, from there you can see into the past and the future.

Santiago is also the land of wind, so with the visit to the last operating windmill say farewell to this town towards the coastline through a lush green oak forest.

The Blue Ocean and warmer waters by the schist cliffs will frame the beach picnic and the last kilometers to the hotel in the enchanting fisherman’s village of Porto Covo. The beach coves are impressive and 5 minutes away from the hotel you can go for a swim. Start visiting the Natural park of southwestern Alentejo and Vicentina coast.

 Accommodation: Pensão Zé Inácio in Porto Covo – equivalent to 2* hotel.
 Location: Porto Covo.
 Distance: 35 kms.
 Total ascent: 440 mts.
 Difficulty: Easy +.
 Terrain:  Climb in the beginning and then downhill and flat. Some dirt roads.
 Picnic Lunch: Included in van guided and guided tours only.
 Dinner: Not included.

You may upgrade your accommodation to a less central but better rated hotel, with swimming pool, Hotel Porto Covo, 3 stars


Porto Covo Hotel and SPA, 4 stars


Day 6

The Fishing Coves Route

Cycling from Porto Covo to Vila Nova de Milfontes.

The fortification that used to protect the natural harbor against pirate attacks is the first stop of this bike tour day. The peach island poses for our pictures.

Soon after there is the opportunity of walking into the ocean, a really defying experience in this fishing harbor where the unloading of the fish and the lamprey drying in the sun are always an interesting experience.

The lunch in a restaurant overviewing the beach will close the morning. The afternoon at the beach or snooping the small streets and shops of Vila Nova de Mil Fontes followed by the romantic riverside farm/hotel of Zambujeiro will set the environment to the perfect days end.

 AccommodationMonte do Zambujeiro, a lovely farm with swimming pool.
 Location: Vila Nova de Milfontes.
 Distance: 24 kms.
Total ascent: 350 mts.
 Difficulty: Easy +.
 Terrain:  Flat roads and some dirt roads.
 Picnic Lunch: Included in van guided and guided tours only.
 Dinner: Included in van guided and guided tours only.

Though our chosen hotel is a really wonderful farm and a highlight of the tour for most guests, some would have preferred to stay in the center of the village, which is also a beautiful option. Let us know if this is your preference. Check Hotel Selina Mil Fontes for a young vibe or Hotel HS or Guarda Rios


Day 7

The Cliffs Route

Cycling from Vila Nova de Milfontes to Vila Nova de Milfontes.

On the last bike tour day you don’t have to pack your bags, just set the camera to landscape mode and ride through roads only used by local people, mostly easy dirt roads. As always, alternative asphalt road is possible, but you would miss the amazing cliff ride!

Get ready to use all of your camera MB taking pictures of pinnacle rocks standing precariously in the ocean, ornamented by storks nests, unexplored hidden coves and small beaches and cliffs with an impressive array of colors and contrasts.

Capture all these moments and share them… yes, it’s selfies time!

The stage for the last picnic is a beach, walled by tilted cliffs inviting to a lazy afternoon basking in the sun. Then when the time is right we go back to Vila Nova de Milfontes. On the way, we stop for a last swim and drink on the fantastic beach of Almograve. You deserve it!!!!!!!

The journey ends with a rewarding dinner celebration with some surprises in a very genuine atmosphere.
 AccommodationMonte do Zambujeiro, a lovely farm with swimming pool.
 Location: Vila Nova de Milfontes.
 Distance: 60 kms.
  Total ascent: 515 mts.
Difficulty: Easy +.
 Terrain: Flat roads and many dirt roads – asphalt options available.
 Picnic Lunch: Included  in van guided and guided tours only.
 Dinner: Included in van guided and guided tours only.


Day 8

Departure from your Portugal Bike Tour
 Transfer included: Transfer to Lisbon airport (3 hours) included in van guided and guided tours only.

Tour extension: Continue Cycling south, on our Wild Algarve or get a transfer with us to the gorgeous inland of the Alentejo and do the Castles and Wine Tour.


On Self guided tours, you are expected to know how to fix small problems in your bike. You should be an independent traveler, used to read maps, route instructions and manage your own time. You will bike at your rhythm and do “as you please”. From us, you will get 24 hours support by phone, maps, route instructions and historical notes. We will also give you suggestions of places to eat. The downsides will be not to have the support car to take you in case you get tired and not to have the company and expertise of our guides, which are like family to us and will be like family to you!

On Van guided tours the guide will be the driver. He/she will guide you from a distance. The car will be near enough so that you can see it on the junctions. The guide will stop at important or interesting places to give history explanations or tell a story. Some people call this a supported tour, though in our case it is more than that because you are actually being guided. Lunches are picnic type with traditional foods from the area where we are cycling. Some times we also use local restaurants. Though price, most of the times, includes meals, we can give you a price with no meals if you prefer to have a more independent trip.

On Guided tours groups are accompanied by one or two cycling guides, besides a guide who takes the support car, prepares the picnics and transports your luggage. Lunches are picnic type with traditional foods from the area where we are cycling. Sometimes we also use local restaurants.

On van guided or guided cycling tours, you can expect full service from your guides. They will do their best to make your holiday an unforgettable one.

Our guides are all Portuguese and know our region very well. They are very service minded and most of them have been working with us for many years. They are bikers themselves and love to go cycling on their holidays, so they know what you expect from them!

In dinners arranged by us and you can be sure you will try the best gastronomy as we choose restaurants well known by us for its good traditional food. No «touristy» places included!


1st cycling day from Sesimbra to Setubal

1st day Altitude gain: 802 mt/ 2631 ft
Total Distance: 39,2 km/ 24 mi
Level: medium.
With optional transfer to castle (start of tour)

Altitude gain: 481 mt/ 1578 ft
Total Distance: 30,9 km/ 19 mi
Level: medium.

If you find this day too difficult you can cut the first climb, starting the tour up in the castle of Sesimbra. In this case you take a taxi to the top which will cost about 5 euros.

2nd cycling day from Setubal to Santo André

With the included pickup (Carvalhal beach)

Altitude gain: 78 mt/ 255 ft
Total Distance: 30.9 km/ 19 mi
Level: easy.

With optional extra ride

Altitude gain: 355 mt/ 1164 ft
Total Distance: 73,8 km/ 45 mi
Level: easy +.

3rd cycling day from Santo André to Santiago do Cacém

Altitude gain: 637 mt/ 2089 ft
Total Distance: 40,8 km/ 25 mi
Level: medium

4th cycling day from Santiago do Cacém to Porto Covo

Altitude gain: 322 mt/ 1056 ft
Total Distance: 34,8 km/ 21 mi
Level: easy

5th cycling day from Porto Covo to Vila Nova de Mil Fontes

Altitude gain: 299 mt/ 980 ft
Total Distance: 33,2 km/ 20 mi
Level: easy +

6th cycling day from Vila Nova de Mil Fontes to Almograve

biking in portugal

Altitude gain: 351 mt/ 1151 ft
Total Distance: 52,2 km/ 32,4 mi
Level: easy +

Prices per person – 2024

Departures everyday for all types of Tour.

Come on our set dates and Get a Better Price.

LUXURY OPTIONS – Upgrade cost under request, depends on type of room available and season

Discount price if you book 2 tours!

Tour extension: Continue Cycling south, on our Wild Algarve or get a transfer with us to the gorgeous inland of the Alentejo and do the Castles and Wine Tour.


Not Included: Bikes insurance, Travel insurance, Tour cancellation insurance, and all items not mentioned above. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

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Guided group tour dates

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Subject to availability, you can do this tour at any date as a private guided tour or as a self guided tour. The fact that a group date is full does not mean you cannot do a private tour on that date. So contact us anyway!

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