8 days
250 km
Alentejo, Centro

Cycling in Portugal – Bike 3 Regions


  • 4 really nice hotels, two of them located in the countryside in this cycling in Portugal tours
  • Possible to book a massage for the end of most days
  • Flexibility – 2 program options
  • Cycling tours in secondary roads, just you and your bike!
  • Monastery of Batalha and Monastery of Alcobaça
  • Limestone caves
  • Wine tasting
  • Évora historical centre, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site and Bones Chapel
  • Days of biking on the coast
  • Recommend for e-bike tour


We designed this cycling in Portugal tour for people searching for a good mix of nature and heritage, and a sprinkle of amazing landscape!

The tour explores the Natural Park of Serra d’Aire e Candeeiros and the beautiful region of Évora, a city classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Then we follow to the gorgeous natural park of SW Alentejano and Costa Vicentina, for a dramatic change of landscape.

Due to the tough profile of the climbs in Serra d’Aires e Candeeiros we have decided to do this tour in e-bikes. Be aware that if you chose a normal bike you have to be really fit. This is the hardest of our bicycle tours in Portugal.

If you choose so, your evenings will be spent with Chefs or local people. In this cooking classes you will learn delicious and simple Portuguese food. At each place you will be given a little book with the recipe of what you cooked so that you may repeat the experience at home.

We may adapt the week to your wishes:

OPTION 1 – Having extra nights at all or some of the hotels to guarantee some resting time

OPTION 2 – Removing one of the areas for a shorter trip in case you have less time.

OPTION 3 – Swapping some of the cooking classes for served dinners if you don’t want to do all the 3

Additional information

Tour typeCooking, Heritage, Inland, Landscape, Ocean views

Day 1

Aires and Candeeiros

Aires and Candeeiros has a very special landscape. As you bike you will discover man made rock walls marking the roads and proprieties and a barren landscape dotted here and there by boulders, fissures and slopes.

Underground there is a rich network of caves and galleries that extend beyond your imagination.  There is a rich and varied range of animal life, including 18 species of bats (the symbol of the Park) that find ideal shelter in the various grottoes.

In a deep valley, the small village of Alvados is hidden. There, our hotel comes as a surprise. Enjoy the architecture with modern lines but fully respecting local trends and materials.

Bike and relax at this charming place.

  At arranged time – Transfer to Alvados, included in guided and van guided tours only
5.00 pm or other arranged time – Briefing at the hotel
7.30 pm – Dinner at hotel

Accommodation and breakfast at Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel, located in Alvados village, which is situated in the heart of the Natural Park, in a depression almost 300 meters deep! Now you know why we propose an e-bike!
Dinner included in self-guided, van guided and guided tours.


Day 2

Caves route
 This cycling tour will take you first to the wonderful limestone caves of the natural park. The guided tour takes about 1 hour.

In 1955 two men working at a place called Pedra do Altar went through an opening in the rock as they were trying to catch a bird. Inside they discovered a gallery of Santo António caves, formed more than 150 million years ago. The caves occupy a huge area of 6,000 square meters, adorned with stalagmites and stalactites (photos by Bruno Seabra).

From here you will continue cycling through the agriculture fields of the area, which include a lot of olive trees. In the 50s about 200.000 liters of olive oil were produced here! There may be a chance of visiting an olive mill and tasting some olive oil.

On the way you may park your bikes for a beautiful short walk. When you reach the top of the Fornea you find the perfect place to relax.  The amphitheater has about 500 mts of diameter and 250 meters in height! 

Arriving to the village of Porto de Mós you may choose to visit the castle and then head back home for some relaxing time in the Aire Baths. You deserve it after this biking tour!

Picnic lunch included in self-guided, van guided and guided tours.
5.30 pm – Time for the special Special baths in the hotel. Possible to book a massage for 2
7.00 pm – If you book Cooking class at hotel
Dinner not included – we suggest to have dinner in the hotel
Accommodation and breakfast at Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel
 Distance: 43 Kms / 26,72 miles
Total ascent: 1011 mts / 3316 feet
Difficulty: difficult with normal bike, medium with e-bike
Terrain: 80% asphalt, long steep hills, easy dirt track (ecotrail). Hardest of our bicycle tours in Portugal.


Day 3

The Monasteries Route
 Today you will cycle from Alvados to the Monastery of Batalha and then to the Monastery of Alcobaça.

The route is again hilly at the beginning but then you have a wonderful downhill on a really narrow road through the mountains.

The monastery of Batalha took over a century to build, starting in 1386 and ending around 1517, spanning the reign of seven kings! It is one of the masterpieces of Gothic art, mingled with Manueline style.

The Alcobaça Monastery has a beautiful 13th century façade but the building of the complex started in 1178. The impressive tombs of King Pedro I and his mistress Inês de Castro, who was murdered on the orders of Pedro’s father, King Afonso IV are one of the highlights of the monastery.

4.00 pm – Transfer to our farm, in Évora

7.00 pm – Arrival to our farm followed by dinner

Lunch not included, we suggest a café in Batalha.
Accommodation and breakfast at Monte do Serrado de Baixo

Distance: 47 Kms / 29,2 miles
Total ascent: 824 mts / 2703 feet
Difficulty: difficult with normal bike, medium with e-bike
Terrain: 100% asphalt, some long steep hills.


Day 4

The Wine and Cork Route
 The bike tour leaves the farm direction of Igrejinha, a very white village where all houses have stripes with different colors, resembling a great painting. From here cycle to the cork factory, which will surely be the highlight of the day. See how cork is transformed and learn about all you can do with it! From here ride to S. Miguel de Machede, another small country side village where you should stop for a drink at a local café. The day should finish with a visit to the winery of São Miguel, a really fun and interesting visit led by Joana.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: 42 kms, with transfer back to the farm, avoiding cycling in the main road

55 kms cycling to the cork factory and back to the farm, repeating the last 15 on the same road and not going to the winery

74 kms if you cycle all the route and back to the farm, with 20 kms on the main road. We do not recommend this option.
Distance: 43,7 Kms / 27 miles
 Total ascent: 324 mts / 1062 feet
Difficulty: easy
Terrain: mostly flat and really secondary roads. A few kms on the main road if you cycle back
6.30 pm – If you book it Cooking Class at our farm – Meet one of our team members for a cooking lesson on Alentejo food!
Dinner not included.
Accommodation and breakfast at Monte do Serrado de Baixo

 Extra costs:

Wine tasting – 11 € per person – included in guided and van guided trips

Lunch not included, cafés on the way


Day 5

The Famous carpets
 Along the ecotrail, a bike lane built on an old railway, through small farms, you’ll get to Graça do Divor, a very well preserved white and blue village .
  Good place to stop for a drink and try the delicious meat pies of Mrs Ilda!

From here, this bike tour heads to the Arraiolos village, with its rich historical centre, famous carpets and delicious Pastéis de Toucinho. The views from its castle are unforgettable.

It’s now time for a winery visit with a fantastic private carriage collection.


OUR RECOMENDATION: 26 kms with all visits described and transfer from winery to hotel. 

51 to 63 kms – to winery and back – easy level

Distance: 26 Kms / 16 miles
Total ascent: 425 mts / 1394 feet
Difficulty: medium
Terrain: gentle rolling roads, 15 kms on dirt roads
  Accommodation and breakfast at Monte do Serrado de Baixo
  Extra costs:

Wine tasting and carriage collection – 18 € per person (included on guided and van guided tours).

Lunch not included, cafés on the way
Dinner not included – we suggest you have dinner in the city tonight, or you may buy an extra meal in our farm (book 24 hours in advance).


Day 6

20 centuries of History
 Évora is such a gorgeous city you must cycle there to explore it. Visit some of the most interesting sites, cycling through beautiful streets we carefully selected for you. The Roman Temple, the Cathedral, the Bone’s chapel and the University are some of the places we recommend.
After your lunch (not included) we will take you to Santiago do Cacém by car. There we will drop you off in the castle for a visit, really worthwhile, and you may cycle to the hotel afterwards.
Dinner not included, or Cooking class if you book it.
Accommodation and breakfast at Santiago Hotel Cooking&Nature
Distance: 20 Kms / 6,84 miles
Total ascent: 121 mts / 396 feet
Difficulty: easy
Terrain: Ecotrail for 8 kms and city streets afterwards.

OPTION: Staying longer at our farm in Évora and cycle routes 3, 4 or 5 from Cycling in Paradise route. Check options at Day 8.


Day 7

From the Mountain to the Sea
 After all these inland days, you deserve a bit of sea views and maybe a swim! Before leaving visit the last operating windmill and head out towards the coastline through a lush green oak forest. The Blue Ocean and schist cliffs will frame the arrival to the fisherman’s village of Porto Covo.

On the way check out a fortification that used to protect a natural bay from pirate attacks. Soon after you will have the opportunity to “walk into the ocean” in a pier made of rock, watch the unloading of the fish and the lamprey drying in the sun.

Later relax at the beach or snoop around the small streets and shops of Vila Nova de Milfontes followed by the perfect end of the day at the romantic river side agro-tourism.

Distance: 56 kms / 34,80 miles
Total ascent: 660 mts / 2165 feet
Difficulty: difficult with normal bike, medium with e-bike
Terrain: 2 climbs and then flat roads and some dirt roads
Lunch included in guided tours only. Dinner included in self-guided and guided tours.
Accommodation: HS Milfontes Beach Hotel or at a lovely farm Monte do Zambujeiro in Vila Nova de Milfontes.

Day 8

Departure and options

OPTION 1 – Continue cycling doing another of our bicycle tours in Portugal. Check GO ACTIVE TOUR – starting on DAY 5
OPTION 2 – Continue riding along the coast but on a biking tour with shorter days. You will cycle the last day of ALONG THE COAST TOUR) and as many days as you want of the WILD ALGARVE
OPTION 3 – Stay 1 or 2 extra nights in the wonderful farm Monte do Zambujeiro and ride to the beach for relaxing days
OPTION 4 – Check out



1st cycling day from Alvados to Alvados

Altitude gain: 1011 mt/ 3316 ft
Total Distance: 43 km/ 26,72mi
Level: médio +

2nd cycling day from Alvados to Alcobaça

Altitude gain: 824 mt/  2703 ft
Total Distance: 47 km/ 29,2mi
Level with e-bike: medium

3rd cycling day from the Farm to São Miguel de Machede

Altitude gain: 324 mt/ 1062 ft
Total Distance: 43,7 km/ 27 mi
Level with e-bike: easy

4th cycling day from Farm to Arraiolos

Altitude gain: 277 mt/ 908 ft
Total Distance: 26 km/ 16 mi
Level with e-bike: easy +

5th cycling day from Farm to Évora – Morning

Altitude gain: 121 mt/ 396 ft
Total Distance: 11 km/ 6.84mi
Level: easy

5th cycling day from Castle of Santiago do Cacém to Hotel – Afternoon (optional)

Altitude gain: 33 mt/ 108 ft
Total Distance: 1 km/ 0.62mi
Level: easy

6th cycling day from Santiago do Cacém to Vila Nova de Milfontes

Altitude gain: 660 mt/ 2165 ft
Total Distance: 65 km/ 40.39mi
Level with e-bike: easy

Prices per person – 2024

Price per person (group tour dates) - - -
Price per person (minimum 4 adults) 1 715 €* 2 460 €* 2 820 €*
Price per person (minimum 2 adults) 2 270 €* 3 390 €* 4 100 €*
*plus season supplement if applicable
Accommodation in double room with breakfast
Route informations
24h phone support
Personal accident insurance
Luggage transfer
Basic tools
Transfer from Alvados to Évora
Transfer of route The Wine and Cork
Transfer of route The Famous Carpets
Transfer from Évora to Santiago do Cacém
VAT tax
3 Dinners with wine
Airport transfers
Support car with guide
Bicycle, helmet, back rack and pannier or similar
Water and fruit
1 liqueur tasting
2 Wine tasting at wineries
Entrance fee at Santo António’s caves
Entrance fee at Monastery of Batalha
Entrance fee at Monastery of Alcobaça
Entrance fee at Bones’ Chapel, Évora
Entrance fee at Évora’s University
1st aid assistence
Portugal Best Cycling jersey
* Season supplement
July, August, September 95 € 95 € 95 €
Easter, Christmas, New Year's Eve and national holidays under request
Single** 490 € 490 € 490 €
Single** - July, August, September 735 € 735 € 735 €
** Single supplement applys for a 3rd person in a group of 2.
Departure different then Saturday 120 € 120 € 120 €
Food restrictions 90 € 90 €
Airport transfer to Alvados
Per person (min 4) 85 € - -
Per person (min 2) 110 € - -
Airport transfer from Vila Nova de Milfontes
Per person (min 4) 105 € - -
Per person (min 2) 150 € - -
Bicycle rental with helmet, back rack and pannier or similar 100 € - -
E-bike rental 200 € 100 € 100 €
GPS Rental 50 € - -
Phone rental (plus calls) 10 €
Cycling shorts 65 € 65 € 65 €
Extra cycling jersey 20 € 20 € 20 €
Cycling apron 20 € 20 € 20 €

Departures everyday for all types of Tour.

Come on our set dates and Get a Better Price.

The table with ID 99 not exists.

Prices per person for alternative mentioned in day 6 (Price information under request)

Staying longer at our farm in Évora and cycling routes 3, 4 or 5 from CYCLING IN PARADISE ROUTE.

Departures everyday for all types of Tour.


Not Included: Bikes insurance, Travel insurance, Tour cancellation insurance, and all items not mentioned above. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

Turaventur uses the REDUNIQ @Payments System. These payments are made in a simple, practical and secure way. The payment link is sent to your email, which will be redirected to a secure UNICRE page. Here the customer places the card details and makes the payment. After the data is validated and authorized by the bank, the transaction is finish. At the end you are notified of payment via email.

Guided group tour dates

Subject to availability, you can do this tour at any date as a private guided tour or as a self guided tour. The fact that a group date is full does not mean you cannot do a private tour on that date. So contact us anyway!

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