Half Day Tours

megalithic bike tour

Enchanted Megaliths

Discover the oldest and the biggest megalithic monuments of Europe. Ride fun dirt tracks away from traffic. Blend in nature!
Half day
25 km
Évora bike tour

Évora Bike & Hike

Walk along a 16th century aqueduct to a local farm, visit biological garden and farm animals. Then cycle to Évora and explore the historical center.
Half day
8 + 12 km
lisbon bike tour

Lisbon Bike Tour

3 hours downhill through the center of Lisbon. Learn the history of Lisbon and Portugal on a easy level bike tour. Do it on your 1st/2nd day.
Half day
10 km
bike tour evora

Évora Bike Tour

By bike, get a general perspective of the city. Then come back by your self to your favourite places profiting from the tips our guide gave you.
3 hours
6 km