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We have e-bikes (electric bikes) available for renting in our tours. Click here to see the model. Our e-bikes are all ladies' model.

The cost of bike rental will be 40€ per day, 200€ per week tour.

When our bikes are not available we will be able to rent from a supplier. In that case price will be 480€ for a week tour. We recommend you book your e-bike as early as possible.

We are supplying good quality bikes and clients are responsible to take care of them. You must follow the instructions given to you in the briefing at all times.

For example, autonomy of the bikes is limited. You cannot forget to charge the battery.

Also these bikes cannot do dirt tracks, so we will have to slightly adapt the tours to you. If you are riding in a group with other people you may want to split in some parts if the others want to do the dirt tracks.

E-Bikes are one size only.

With Electric bikes you will have easy cycling tours.

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